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Donald is a client focussed organization that ensures all aspects of the company put its loyal customers first.


We meet our deadlines and provide a high quality customer service experience.


In 1950 Toronto, Giovanni (John) Manarin, with the support of his friend, a pick-up truck, a shovel, and a wheelbarrow, Donald...

After John’s death in 1980, the company’s leadership was spearheaded by his wife Rina, under the capable mangement of Frank...

Since 1953, the company has grown from one crew of two men to the largest Concrete and Drain Company in Ontario...

our services

Donald Contracting has serviced over 500 job sites

from Niagara Falls to Oshawa to Collingwood

Exterior Services

Our exterior services include excavation, install of water services, storm and sanitary drains all to the costumers home.

Interior Services

Our interior services include back water valves, bathroom rough-ins, floor drains, and rough-ins for venting and radon gases, walk-up storm area drains, sump pits, internal weepers, and underground Rain Water Leaders.


Our basements are prepared and poured to meet any request, and accordingly to Ontario Building Code.


Our garages are prepared with proper granular material, grade beams, rebar, and wiremesh and then poured and finished to achieve specific slope requirements.


Our porches are formed and poured according to grade conditions and sittings to achieve desired heights and amount of required steps. Coldroom vents can also be installed within our porch slabs.

After Service

Our after service team is ready and committed to satisfy any customer request and need, such as sanitary back-ups and porch resurfacing.



As a competitive and growing company, we are always interested in potential candidates to join our ranks.

Donald Construction provides and dedicated and focused environment with specific opportunity for development and growth.

If you think you would be a strong fit for our team, we'd love to hear from you.